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For over 30 years, Hamilton Engineering has been custom engineering water heating systems for a wide variety of commercial applications - from self-service laundries, to apartment buildings, to hospital laundry facilities, and many more. Whatever your application or budget, we can design a system to suit your needs!


Our diverse product line-up provides something for everyone, whether your main concern is efficiency, price, or footprint. Hamilton Engineering specializes in custom, pre-packaged systems, and we will provide a solution to your hot water problems, whatever they may be!


Check out our featured products below, and our full line on the Products page.


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Evo Water Heater Evo Water Heater Evo Water Heater Evo Water heater

Hamilton's Newest Line of High Efficiency water tube water heaters and hydronic boilers, ranging from 750 to 4000 MBH

99.8% efficient water heaters and boilers, ranging from 79 to 599 MBH

SanotyzerSanotyzer EVO Companion Copper Finned Tube

Providing the perfect blend of heat and ozone to sanitize the washers with every cycle

99.8% efficient water heaters with storage tank, from 136 to 630 MBH and 80 to 160 gallons of storage

82% to 95% efficient water heaters and boilers, ranging from 100 to 4000 MBH

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