Pre-Assembled. Factory-Tested. Install Ready.

Hamilton Engineering has been providing the highest quality water heaters and hydronic boilers, along with the best service, for more than 30 years. We’ve earned a reputation as the only supplier in the industry who completely pre-plumbs, factory-assembles, and tests every heating and boiler system before it leaves our loading docks.

Up to 99.8% efficient.

Depending on incoming water temperatures and infrastructural capabilities.

24/7 Parts and Technical Support.

In addition to in-person installation assistance and providing copies of CAD drawings, our emergency line is open 24/7 to attend all of your replacement part and technical service needs.

50,000 Systems and Counting.

Hamilton Engineering has been designing and selling innovative hot water systems since 1981, and those systems have been installed in more than 50,000 facilities throughout North and South America.


Hot Water Systems Installed