Custom designed. Pre-Assembled. 24/7 Support.

We don’t aim to sell truckloads of boilers and water heaters, we look to provide individualized systems that accommodate each customer’s individual needs.

About Us.

Plenty has changed since Hamilton was founded in 1981, but plenty more continues to remain the same. Using our own patented technology, we engineer hot water systems and hydronic boilers that are more efficient and provide higher performance than most other products on the market today. Take the EVO line, for example. With operating efficiencies up to 99.8%, EVO stands alone among high-efficiency condensing water heaters, boilers and systems.

Even more impressive (at least, in our opinion) than our technical and operational advancements, is the level at which our commitment to customer care has remained so earnestly intact.

We custom design and manufacture every system to match each customer’s exact specs and hot water needs. Hamilton is the only supplier in the industry who provides completely pre-plumbed, factory-assembled, and tested systems–meaning when you choose Hamilton, your hot water system is proven to work before it leaves our loading docks.

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