How do Hamilton hot water storage tanks work?

  • As much as 80% of stored water is at target temperature during peak draw.
  • No turbulent mixing of water. Cooler water stays at the bottom.
  • Replaceable anode rods used to maximize tank life.
  • Temperature and pressure relief valves for safe operation.
  • For condensing water heaters, add our Cold Water Injection System™ (CWIS) to maximize heater condensing efficiency by directing coldest water to the water heater.
  • 100% usable tank volume, allowing the use of a smaller tank.

  • 80-200 GALLON MODELS
    • All models are glass-lined and jacketed.
    • Two inches of foam insulation is injected between the tank and outer jacket.
    • Rated for 150 PSI working pressure; ASME certification is standard on all models above 120 gallons and optional on 120 gallons and below.
    • 80 and 120 gallon models available as 316 T stainless steel tanks with two inches of foam insulation with jacket, rated for 125 PSI working pressure.


  • 220-5000 GALLON MODELS
    • Glass lining is standard; stainless steel, epoxy and cement linings optional.
    • Standard working pressure of 125 PSI, 150 PSI optional.
    • ASME stamped and certified.
    • Designed to be installed vertically using the base ring supplied, or horizontally with optional mounting saddles.
    • Various insulation jackets available, including microfoil blanket, 2″ foam with metal jacket.
    • Lifting lugs supplied for ease of rigging and handling.