Benefits of an Indirect Heating Odd Water System.

In areas where water quality is poor*, lime scale build-up can cause repeated failure of heating system components such as heat exchangers, tanks, and pumps. Hamilton Engineering’s Odd water Systems utilize an indirect heating system design to isolate the water heater from these harmful effects, drastically increasing the life of the water heating system. Benefits include:

  • Savings of up to 25% in water heating costs
  • Scale build-up causes heat retention and reduces heat conductivity; softened water does not cause scaling
  • The life expectancy of your water heater can be extended by up to 15% or more
  • Lime soap can cause fabric graying, stickiness and foul odor
  • Better results can be realized using up to 30% fewer chemicals (such as soap), and fabric life can be increased as much as 40%
  • Fewer chemicals mean less rinsing and less mechanical action
  • Increases fabric life by removing residual hardness minerals

Odd Water Systems are designed to:

  • Eliminate hard water scaling
  • Extend the life of your water heater
  • Maintain optimal heater efficiency
  • Utilize a compact design

How long should a water heater last?

Assumes proper installation and maintenance

*Poor water quality is not defined by hardness alone. Overall water chemistry takes into account hardness, alkalinity, pH, total dissolved solids, and the final temperature the water is being heated to. Hamilton Engineering takes all these factors into account when recommending a solution for your hot water needs.


Peaksoft™ Water Softener Systems

When it comes to water treatment systems, less is so much more.  Here at Hamilton, we engineered our Peaksoft™ water softener systems to do more with less. From water usage to brine intake, every component of the systems is designed for optimum efficiency.


    Metered flow mean Peaksoft softeners only regenerates after a specific amount of water has gone through the tank. This eliminates the needless regenerating and guesswork surrounding timer-only softeners, conserving water that would previously be wasted in the process.


    Hamilton Engineering’s water softeners are also designed to regenerate earlier in their capacity cycle. The result is less brine is required to recharge the media, which can result in up to 35% savings in salt usage.


    Industry standard practices for sizing water softeners allows for a pressure drop of 25 PSI during peak demand. Peaksoft is designed for a maximum pressure drop of 15 PSI, minimizing pressure loss across the system.


    Multiple tank systems are available with pre-piped manifolds, eliminating excessive on-site plumbing while ensuring proper installation and longer component life.

    • Optional microprocessor monitors and manages system activity
    • Activates one, two or three tanks, depending on water flow demand
    • Determines optimum time for tank recharging and schedules for off-peak times
    • Alternates between lead tanks for even use and distribution
    • Ideal for applications with a large variance in water flow rates
    • Peaksoft systems are designed to prevent channeling, no matter how low the flow rate